Three Periyava Vigrahams at Sharanalayam




Anantakoti Namaskarams to our beloved Mahaperiyava

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Sharanalayam 2023 Calendar 

We're now accepting orders for the Sharanalayam 2023 calendar. 


The cost of the calendar is Rs. 250/-  

Courier charges are extra. 

Please fill out the form below to place your order for the calendar. Please ensure that you make the payment for the calendar (inclusive of the courier costs) and mention the transaction ID in the form.

Click on the button below to place the order for the Sharanalayam 2023 Calendar.

Courier charges for the calendar.

(Rates mentioned below are in INR and are indicated for ONE calendar only. If you order more than one calendar, please remit the courier charges according to the number of calendars you order.)

Chennai (local courier)               INR 35

Tamil Nadu                              INR 60

Kerala, Karnataka & AP              INR 75

Mumbai & Kolkatta                    INR 110

REST OF INDIA                         INR 130

Expected delivery time: 4 - 5 weeks after you place your order.


"SHARANALAYAM", forms a divine, consecrated domain, under the aegis of our Jagadguru Shri. Mahaperiyava, who bequeathed our revered GR Mama as the torch bearer of its sacrosanct undertakings and pursuits.In the gracious presence of Shri. Chandrasekharendra Swamigal's benediction, this holy turf bears to contribute towards surmounting worries devotees hold and in making it less difficult for them by helping them lead a life generously blessed by our omniscient.

"Every devotee must be abundantly blessed for by Shri. Mahaperiyava", has always been the motto of Sharanalayam and shall forever remain an incessant committment.